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Transitional Care

Specialized Services Include:

Transitional Care Services - Nurse

Transitional Care Services

Transitional care services refer to our agency nurse assisting with the coordination and continuity of care during a movement from one healthcare setting to our client home. We will work with health care practitioners to ensure seamless transition in executing of our client care plan.

Services Includes:

  • Our licensed nurse will call the client 1-2 days following hospital discharge to review medication list.
  • Provide case management support visits within 3-5 days after discharge.
  • Our agency nurse will meet client at the hospital or rehabilitation facility to transition into the home.
  • Help client get settled into the home by assisting with unpack, monthly monitoring, and client education.
  • Review and monitor care plan.
  • Support and educate client about community resources
  • Free Home safety evaluation.


Medication Assistance

No extra cost, plenty of extra benefits. 

What is Simple Meds?  Each month, all your medication are pre-sorted into packets according to the day and time they should be taken. No need to juggle multiple prescription bottles or pill box organizers.

GET STARTED TODAY and see how hassle-free the Simple Meds way can be.  

Monthly statements detailing your 30-day supply of medication

  • Conveniently packaged medication
  • Communication with your doctors and insurance company is handled by Simple Meds to save you time
  • Advance refill process to ensure you have your medcation when you need them

Family Room

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Family Room

The Family Room is a great way for Family Members to track the care that their loved one is receiving from our agency. The Family Room will allow families, loved ones, and professionals to gain more transparency into your love one’s home and get a better look and understanding at their health and care. Please ask one our care representative about connecting with this add free service.

A Quality In Home Care - Home Safety

Free Pre/ Post Home Safety Assessment

How a home safety assessment prevents injuries:

A Quality In Home Care home safety assessment is an evaluation of your home to identify and eliminate potential hazards. It’s usually performed by a licensed health-care professional, or our agency medical social worker. The home safety assessment may also include home improvement recommendations to help you navigate your environment more securely, such as installing handrails in the bathroom or making sure your house has adequate lighting.

An elderly home safety assessment can be an important preventive measure, especially because falls are one of the most common sources of injury among seniors. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans age 65 and older falls every year, and falls are the number one cause of injury-related death for older adults. Ask one of our healthcare professional about doing a free in home care assessment for your loved one.